Aviso legal

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28037 Madrid. All rights reserved.

1. In accordance with Act 34/2002 governing information society and electronic mail services, passed in Spain on 11th July 2002, HOUSEPITALITY informs you of the following:

The company’s corporate name is HOUSEPITALITY S.L..
Its tax number (CIF) is B-
It is listed on the Madrid Register of Commerce under volume xxxxxx, book xxxx, general file xxxxxx, xxx section of the Book of Companies, sheet xxxx and page xxxxxxx.
Its registered office is at Fernando VII 21, 5C, MADRID

2. HOUSEPITALITY informs you that the purpose of the website www.housepitality.com is to provide the public in general with information about the activities pursued by said company and the products and services it provides.

3. Pursuant to Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 governing the protection of personal data (LOPD) and the laws implementing same, HOUSEPITALITY guarantees the security and confidentiality of all data provided by its customers. Please see Privacy Policy and Data Protection.

4. The intellectual property rights of the website www.housepitality.com and the different elements contained therein are owned by HOUSEPITALITY.

5. HOUSEPITALITY reserves the right to change and update, at any time and without prior notice, the information contained on its website or the configuration and presentation of said information.

6. HOUSEPITALITY does not guarantee that access to the website or the content thereof will be free of errors, nor that said website will always be updated, though the company will make every effort to prevent such anomalies, correct them and update data.

7. Both access to the website and the use that might be made of the information contained therein is the exclusive responsibility of the person concerned. Users shall be responsible for all the actions executed with their user identities. In particular, they shall be responsible for choosing, as an identity code and reminder of same, passwords and robust phrases, numbers and letters and even, in systems that so permit, punctuation marks and special characters that are difficult to guess. Specifically, users shall avoid choosing dictionary words, words related to themselves (family names, addresses, dates of birth, and so forth) or words that are easy to guess (combinations of names with months, prefixes and suffixes, and so forth).

HOUSEPITALITY shall not be liable for any consequence or damage that might arise from said access to or use of information.

8. Any unauthorised use of the information contained on said website and any infringement of the intellectual or industrial rights of HOUSEPITALITY shall incur the liabilities set forth by law.

9. HOUSEPITALITY makes every endeavour to provide complete, veracious information at all times. The information so provided, however, on no account comprises a contractual offer.

10. All the content of said website (images, texts, audio and videos) is protected by the Spanish Intellectual Property Act. Any reproduction, copy, publication or change in any printed and/or digital medium is prohibited without the express, written consent of the owner of the rights thereto. A free, personal, nonexclusive right is, however, granted to use, copy, print and download any material or document available on the site onto personal computers.

11. HOUSEPITALITY does not assume any liability for the negligent use of the site content and it reserves the right to update, change, or erase the information contained on the site and to limit or not permit access to said information either temporarily or definitively.