About us

Our team reflects a group of diverse individuals with breadth and depth of experience across the company

Our mission

When a company, like ours, is created out of passion, dedication, and a strong set of ethical principles, these values will be expressed in our daily actions. Our mission is to assist our clients to be worry-free when they experience any housing and/or domestic issue.

The key

Our team is comprised of highly qualified professionals that have successfully led different housing initiatives for many international companies, C-level executives, as well as third party partners. Our expertise ranges from Human Resources, Relocation Coordination, Interior Design, Project Management. We cater our services in a way that you never have to worry about finding experienced and qualified personnel to assist you in the process of moving and organizing your home. Leave that to us!

The key to our success is our personalized, tailor-made approach to service specific individual needs of each customer.


We are equipped with the utmost professional personnel. A Passionate line-up dedicated to provide the greatest comfort to our customers when it comes to moving and housing concerns.

This is the people who make it possible:

Liz Navas - COO

John Navas - Project Manager

Amarilis Zozaya - Marketing

Daniela Bastidas - Consultant

Miupil Navas - Consultant

Tomás Hernández - Consultant

Our clients opinion

“Their accurate attention to every detail and the high degree of compliance in each work are the qualities which I have most appreciated throughout our collaboration with Housepitality team. This service company is one of our strong ally for their deep knowledge of the Expats universe and of the multinational companies, as well as for their competitive fees. Therefore, Housepitality has contributed substantially to comply with the rigorous quality commitments with our Customers. In my opinion, is a safe option of an excellent experience”.

Elena Casares
Office Manager at Eres Relocation Madrid

“We are very happy with the service provided by Housepitality and their ‘service agent’ Flor. This goes for both ‘what’ and ‘how’ the job is done and the service is delivered. The job is always very well done with a high quality, and at the same time delivered with a very high level of service management and positive attitude. On top of that, I’m happy that we can communicate very well in english until my spanish skills has improved”.

Eva Idmark Lindstrom
Expat in Madrid